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Generative NFT art minting platform. Projects in the work right now!

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GenByte Outline

Gen byte is a generative NFT/art minting platform. What this means is we mint our NFTs and the NFTs of the artists we work with, in a central manner on this website. Once a collection of NFTs has been minted, the collection will proceed in a decentralized manner and can be sold/traded like any other decentralized NFT on secondary marketplaces.

The People Behind GenByte

Cayne & Scott

Freshman Computer Science and Engineering Majors

Common Questions

Once our first NFT is ready to mint, there will be a page associated with that NFT on the "NFT Projects" section of our site containing a minting button. Minting an NFT will be as simple as connecting your Metamask wallet using the Polygon/MATIC network and paying the minting fee using Polygon/MATIC. Soon we will offer more in depth guides for minting our NFTs.

Our platform is a centralized location to mint the NFTs our artists provide. But our NFTs will still be stored in a decentralized manner, like most other NFTs.

As of now, when one of our NFTs gets sold on a secondary market such as OpenSea 5% of the sale will go back to GenByte. In the future when we begin to work with outside artists, that fee may change, but if a change is made we will make sure to announce it on our socials. The royalty fee will also be listed on the project page associated with that NFT.